Meet the Bondsmen

Meet Morey & Crow Bonding Co.’s experienced bondsman who can be your source of hope.

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The Bondsmen of Morey & Crow Bonding Co. will help free you.

Cuando te arrestan, quieres pasar el menor tiempo posible tras las rejas. Al llamar a una compañía con experiencia en fianzas y fianzas profesionales, puede garantizar el servicio más rápido.

Rick Morey – 316-522-4141
Mike Crow – 316-992-4040
Marc Perez – 316-734-6957
Pamela Marcenaro – 316-559-6368

KBAA logo - Meet the Bondsmen (es)Morey & Crow’s dedication to the bail bond industry extends well past the services we provide as a bonding company.

Currently, Rick Morey serves as the President of the Kansas Bail Agents Association, while Mike Crow serves on the association’s Board of Directors. Several of Morey & Crow bail agents also serve on committees or help with the work of the KBAA.

Morey & Crow is here to help relieve the stress of having a loved one in jail. Our bondsmen know bail bonding and are more than happy to discuss anything bail related. Whether it be about the bonding process or questions about what happens after someone is bonded, we’re here to help! We are based out of Wichita but our bondsmen are available 24/7 anywhere in Kansas. Just give us a call at 316-992-4040, or contact us online.