Frequently Asked Questions

First of all, don’t panic. We’re here to help. Contact Morey and Crow at (316) 992-4040. We’ll get you set up with one of our highly-skilled bondsmen. We will explain the bail bond process and answer any questions you may have. When you are ready to proceed, we’ll meet you at the jail, where we will complete any necessary paperwork and post the bond.

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Bail bonds are written documents that secure the release of a defendant in custody and insure his or her appearances in court at all required hearings.
In most cases, after a defendant has been taken into custody, a bail amount is set by the local court jurisdiction. At this point, the defendant, a family member or a friend can reach out to a bail bondsman to arrange a bail bond.

Whoever is securing the bond, whether it’s a friend or family member, referred to as the indemnitor, pays the required premium and completes any forms necessary to move forward. When the indemnitor signs the paperwork, he or she commits to paying the full bond amount, should the defendant fail to appear in court. Collateral is often taken from the indemnitor to secure the commitment.

An indemnitor is an individual, typically a family member or friend of the defendant, who agrees to pay the full bail amount if the defendant does not attend his or her required court appearances.
A bail agent may require collateral to secure a large bond and guarantee the defendant’s appearance in court. Collateral can be land, cash, or other property as accepted by the bondsman.
Indemnitors usually have their collateral returned when the defendant’s case has been discharged or the bail bond exonerated.
Morey and Crow Bonding Company accepts multiple forms of payment, including credit cards, cash, checks, money orders and wires.
Bail bond fees are a percentage of the total bond amount, but the percentage can vary, based on the circumstances and the jurisdiction of the bond. Contact Morey and Crow for further details.
At Morey and Crow Bonding Company, we respond to your call immediately and head to the jail as soon as the required paperwork has been completed. We honor all of our time commitments and appointments and we’re known for acting fast. The actual amount of time it takes to be released once bond is posted, is dependent on the jail.
If a defendant fails to appear in court, typically issues a bench warrant for that person’s arrest and they are considered a fugitive. The defendant should contact their Bail Agent ASAP if this happens. A Bail Agent can arrest the defendant and place them back in jail.

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This question is frequently asked by those who are for the first time faced with helping a person get out of jail. First, the arrestee is taken to the jail and the person is “booked in”. This booking process involves fingerprinting, the so-called mug-shot, and a search to find any if any outstanding warrants exist. The bail is usually set at this time. However, in some cases the bail is not set. You should call us to see if we can assist in getting bail set.
If you suspect that the defendant will not appear in court, you should contact your bail bondsman immediately to discuss options for the best way to proceed.

Learn how certain situations can allow a person to remove themselves from being obligated for the total bond amount.

Written permission is required from the bonding office before a defendant is able to travel outside the state. If you have been given direct instructions by the court not to leave the state, you must then get permission from both the bail agent and the court before leaving. Otherwise you are subject to arrest. You can not leave the country.

Morey & Crow is here to help relieve the stress of having a loved one in jail. Our bondsmen know bail bonding and are more than happy to discuss anything bail related. Whether it be about the bonding process or questions about what happens after someone is bonded, we’re here to help! We are based out of Wichita but have more than 20 agents located across Kansas. Just give us a call at 316-992-4040, or contact us online.