Court Date Tracking: A Morey & Crow Service

A defendant missing a court date is a major concern for anyone who has a loved one out on bail. Here at Morey & Crow, we believe helping to ensure the person appears in court is part of our job. Once you’ve worked with any of our bondsmen to get the accused person released from jail, we do not consider our work to be over. We believe everyone is deserving of justice, and so we continue working with the accused person and the indemnitor even after the bond has been paid.

How does Morey & Crow Help People Keep Their Court Date?

Once bonded with our company, we track the case until the bond is over. You can trust us to work with you beyond the bond. If you have questions regarding when your court date is, we will be available to answer your call.

But what if they still don’t show up to court?

While it is a big problem when a person misses a court date, it may not be as bad as you think. This is where a bail bondsman can help. Sometimes courts have options available. Working with a company with lots of experience in this area, like ours, will ease the stress of what to do.

Will the person have to return to jail?

Not necessarily. We try to work within the system in order to prevent the accused person from having to return to jail for missing a court date. When you work with Morey & Crow, you have a bail bond company that has been working with the local court system for half a century. We know how things work, what things have changed in the legal processes over the years, and who to contact when things go wrong.

High-Tech Help: The Morey & Crow Mobile App

Did you know that you can stay informed of your case after bonding on your phone? We have created a unique way for you to stay on top of some of the legal processes along the way with an app. You can check in, ask questions, or request updates. You can even request a bail bond from the app. You can download our Kansas Bail mobile app, available completely for free on Apple and Android devices, to be alerted to the information you need to know. This app also provides a weekly check-in for defendants.

Our goal is to keep our clients out of jail. We answer our phones. We help you stay on top of your court obligation.

Morey & Crow is here to help relieve the stress of having a loved one in jail. Our bondsmen know bail bonding and are more than happy to discuss anything bail related. Whether it be about the bonding process or questions about what happens after someone is bonded, we’re here to help! We are based out of Wichita but have more than 20 agents located across Kansas. Just give us a call at 316-992-4040, or contact us online.