Bail Bond Problems: What happens if I want out?

money - Bail Bond Problems: What happens if I want out?It’s a tough situation. You have helped a friend or family member who has found themselves in trouble, but AFTER you’ve paid the bond fee and had the bond posted, you discover there is a problem.

Your signature on the bail agreement has indebted you to paying the full amount of the bond should the person fail to meet all of his or her court obligations.  What happens if, after the person is out of jail, you begin to believe they won’t show up for court?

Are you out your money?

Possibly not, or you might not have to be. Even AFTER you’ve bonded someone out of jail, you still have options to protect yourself and your money.

Having been in the bail bond business for almost 50 years in Kansas, we at Morey and Crow have seen it all. We’ve seen family members, who have put everything they have on the line for a person, who after bonding, has returned to old habits, such as drugs.  Or for one reason or another, the person they had bonded, has now become irresponsible and are hiding out, thus now becoming a financial risk.

Options for getting out of your bail bond obligation

The first thing you need to do is call us. If you believe the person you bonded out of jail is no longer likely to make his/her court appearance or handle his/her obligations in the judicial process, let us know. If we believe our bond is in jeopardy, the law allows us as licensed bondsmen to pick up the individual and place them in custody.

If you feel the person you bonded out will fail to meet his court obligations and that you will be faced with paying the entire bond amount, just call us anytime 24/7 and let us know. We will try and work out a way to remedy the situation. We may ask for your assistance in locating the person to best handle this process. There may be a fee for our work in handling this, but the more support you give us will lessen the amount.  Plus, you would then be off the hook for the larger financial burden of the total bond amount.

We here at Morey and Crow are not out to simply make a buck. As bail bondsmen who have been serving people across Kansas for half a century, this is our passion. We feel we understand more than any other Kansas bail bond company the stresses and complications that come with a person processing through the justice system. We know that this stress extends to the friends and family members who have become involved.  We work with all parties involved to help ensure the justice process on our end works smoothly for everyone involved, including the accused.

Morey & Crow is here to help relieve the stress of having a loved one in jail. Our bondsmen know this business and are more than happy to discuss anything bail related. Whether it be about the bonding process or questions about what happens after someone is bonded, we’re here to help! We are based out of Wichita but have more than 20 agents located across Kansas. Just give us a call at 316-992-4040, or contact us online.